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The PilotIFs website provides access to insurance and financial services for expatriate pilots flying in the Asia Pacific region, with specialist products for those flying on contract in the P.R. China.

Our exclusive Temporary Loss of CAAC Medical License plan continues to be the ‘must have’ insurance protection for all foreign pilots flying on contract in China. This specialist insurance cover is linked directly to the CAAC Medical License. Options of either a 12 or 24-month benefit period can be selected. We also offer a Permanent Loss Insurance, providing a lump sum benefit in the event of career ending illness / injury. With a proven track record on meeting claims, these insurances provide maximum protection against the loss of Medical Licenses for an expatriate pilot on contract in P.R. China.

In addition to insuring individual pilots, we have dedicated group arrangements with Airlines and Pilot Recruitment Agencies, many offering favorable terms.

Our Insurer for the Loss of Medical License cover is the largest syndicate at Lloyds of London with substantial experience in providing Insurance products for pilots worldwide. Follow the link from the Home Page to 'Insurances' / 'Medical Licenses' for full information, features, benefits, quotes and application. 

In addition to our unique loss of CAAC Medical License cover, we offer an exclusive International Health Insurance, available only for actively flying pilots and their immediate family members. Providing a selection of cover options and a range of deductibles at great value premiums, this world class Pilot Benefits Medical insurance is only available here on the website. Follow the link from the home page to ‘Insurances’ / ‘Health Cover’ for more information and quotations.

For those pilots seeking supplementary financial advice, ICC’s Qualified Financial Advisers are available to discuss a range of both equity and non-equity investments, life insurance, savings plans and other financial services. Contact us at or for further information.

PilotIFs is not affiliated to any Airline, pilot union or pilot recruitment company. Our aim is to provide the best and most relevant insurances for professional pilots flying in the Asia Pacific region with the emphasis on P. R. China.


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International Commerce Corporation (ICC) in Hong Kong


ICC is the Insurance Broker for the Loss of Medical License products at


ICC is a long established financial services company providing insurance, protection and Investment advice to expatriates and professionals living and working in the Asia pacific region. ICC provide tailored financial planning solutions, regular savings plans, retirement and education fees planning, manage our clients investment portfolios and seek out the best non-equity based investment opportunities.


If you have ever worked in the UK and have accrued pension benefits whilst you were there, we have a specialist QROP’s team that can offer expert advice so that you can take back control of your pension.


ICC provide a comprehensive financial planning clinic for all pilots who are registered For more information or to book a meeting, email



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