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Unihealth / GBG Pilots Benefit International Medical Insurance

Comprehensive Medical Insurance specially developed and priced for expatriate pilots, first officers and their immediate family members.


Four plans available with benefits such as • Annual Preventive Care • Cover for accidents and illnesses • Emergency medical evacuation and air transportation • Prescription drugs • In-patient and out-patient cover.

To be eligible, Pilots and First Officers must have a valid Commercial Pilot’s License and a current Medical Certificate. Members cannot be resident for more than 180 days in the United States, Canada, Switzerland or Australia in any policy year; and special eligibility rules apply for residents of China. Please contact us to discuss these. (email

Unihealth provides tailored, insured and administered solutions to individuals and corporates all over the world, and are proud to manage the medical needs of some of the world’s largest organisations and employers. Many of these are household names who have trusted us to meet their employees’ health insurance requirements.

Unilife offers a wide range of flexible and comprehensive products, comprising guaranteed Lifetime, Level Term and Decreasing Term assurance products for expatriates and internationally mobile people, as well as developing effective, insurance-based solutions for companies and their employees around the world.

Quotations and Application.

Please read through the ‘Product Information Brochure’ (link below) in order to fully understand the cover each plan offers.

To request a quotation, please complete the ‘Health Quotation’ form (link below). After accepting a quote, you will be provided with a personalized link to the online Pilot Benefits application.


Product Information Brochure


Important Notes

Worldwide Excluding US cover provides emergency US cover as follows; Bronze, Silver and Gold, USD 50,000 emergency cover, Platinum, USD 100,000 emergency cover.

Deductibles apply to in-patient treatment only.

For the insured Pilot, pre-existing conditions covered from day one.

Policy commencement dates are 1st and 15th of the month.

Applications normally completed within five working days; can be longer if further information required.

Applications are subject to underwriting and acceptance.


Please note the following regarding residency.


Country of Residence is defined as:


1. Where the Insured resides most of any calendar year or Policy Year.

2. Where the Insured has resided more than 180 days during any 12 - month period while the Policy is in effect.

If you are resident in China, please note:


Expatriates and Chinese Nationals that are resident in China can apply. Please note the following important points:


Claims in China will be on a pay & claim basis. If a member is hospitalized in China, GBG will settle directly with the service provider.


Premiums must be paid from a non-Chinese bank account or credit card.